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JC Exotics Excursion Tours!

Twice a year we run a trip to the Terraristika reptile event in Hamm, Germany, we have been doing this for 3 years now and have made many new friends and contacts worldwide, the Terraristika Expo is a fantastic insight in todays international herpetoculture and this awareness is the primary reason why we run the excursions.

The initial trip was set up for a bit of a jolly with a few friends, a few more found out that Jim and a couple of others were going and asked if there was space in the car, so a minibus was sourced, then people asked what space was left in the minibus, so a coach company was sourced and a coach arranged, then rearranged, then enlarged, then booked.

A couple of teething issues later and we had an enjoyable trip home and that was March 2007, in September Jim had his small trip to Germany with friends in a car and planned the next coach trip, the latest one being March 2012, the day we arrived back in the UK we had already fully booked the first coach and decided to book another, at this point we were also asked to run a North East wing, and taking this into consideration have decided to give it a go.





The itinery for Hamm each time remains almost identical to the first time we ventured across the water, Set off from Lincoln at 7pm on the day before the event, few pick ups en route and a lot of sleeping and we are in Germany at about 9am local time, doors to the event open at 10am, close at 4pm we then meet up again for a drink and some food at the famous ‘Sun Cafe’ and then once the coach drivers have had their 9 hours rest we are winging our way home again.

Once again we are dropping people off where we found them at the various UK points and hit sunny Lincoln again at about 6am, we wont lie to you, it is tiring, it is hectic, and it is a long, long weekend, but it’s fun! Bookings are being taken for the March trip now which is from the 11th til the 13th of March, Prices start at £115 for a single seat.

The price covers the following: Coach ( Obviously )
Shuttle ( the underwater train as Jim likes to call it )
Show admission
Fun Pack ( soft drinks, water, crisps and sweets for your journey )
Point of contact for help/advice/emergencies for at the event

Things that you should take into consideration before you go on such an event:
Do I have a Valid EHIC card? ( allows medical treatment free when in Europe ) available to order on 0845 606 2030
Am I fit to travel overseas?
Do I need to make the organisers aware of any health or personal issues that may affect my journey?
Can I put up with 40 other people snoring?