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Meet The Crew!

Graz started out keeping reptiles in 2004 after being interested in them throughout his childhood. He was not allowed to keep reptiles out of the fear his parents and siblings had for the animals. Overtime his interest in these amazing animals grew and be became fascinated with them and there lifestyles.

He is also the miniature Jim of the shop! In 2004 he got his first lizard, a leopard gecko this was the start of Graz's ongoing reptile collection. After keeping leopard geckos for a while and becoming interested in more challenging animals after joining online reptile communities he decided to venture into other animals to keep such as Large lizards and snakes and Mammals and the obsession lead from then on.





Although never having kept any reptiles before Jim Started working with them in a garden centre on the outskirts of Glasgow about a million years ago (1995), he looked after a 6ft Green Iguana and managed to persuade the centre owners to hold reptiles in their Butterfly Park.

About the same time he purchased his first two lizards, Green Anoles (lizards which are still a favourite of his). Not long after this he left the garden centre and became a livestock assistant for ‘Pet City’, who then became ‘PetsMart’ and in turn ‘Pets at Home’, while with them Jim helped in excess of 100 stores, this involved swearing at an awful lot of livestock staff and managers.

Since then Jim has run Invertebrate shows in Lincoln and attended ones as both a browser and a trader at the AES, ELG, BTS and many, many other abbreviations. Jim is currently the ‘JC’ in JC Exotics – an exotic pet outlet in sunny Lincoln where he has lived for the last 12 years, Jim has had the shop for almost 6 years and has owned in his personal and professional collection animals too many to list, His passion now is Pythons, particularly Burmese Pythons and their morphs.