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About Us

We are one of Lincolnshires prime exotic animal outlets, selling animals from bearded dragons to marmosets, with the fun and the intermediate animals inbetween!

Our main aim is to help people understand that exotic animals are not a type of animal to be feared.





We stock a range of snakes, lizards, amphibians, invertebrates, mammals and much more!We also offer a wide range of equipment to suit your exotic keeping needs.

We have been an established business for four years now, trading from Lincoln. The shop is ran by a dedicated team of reptile enthusiasts who are all experienced in different area's and are more than willing to help answer your questions and to help you choose the right exotic pet for you!

Aswell as working with wholesalers we at JC Exotics work with local and nationwide breeders to ensure we are able to offer a reliable and healthy range of stock for our customers.

We are able to source a vast majority of species or even morphs, all you need to do is ask! We are more than willing to help, even if you would like to just pop in for a chat, or for some advice on your latest exotics venture!